…easy questions only.

April 2, 2013 9:27pm CST
…easy questions only. I got invited to be one of the panelists on a high school paper. Students are the ones who get to pick on their panelists and they chose me on pure association. I was quite an experience for me since it kinda gives a new perspective on the practice. When I was the student, I was the one being grilled about our paper and now, I am doing the grilling. Anyway, I didn’t get to do much grilling since the students themselves ask me to please refrain from, throwing complicated questions (Funny enough they used a psychological approach). I turned out kinda a nice experience but I think I was selling myself and the students short. Then again, for some students, presenting the paper is just n requirement and nobody really gives a moment to ponder unless the one who did most of the bulk work. It’s kinda understandable – students are stressed ouyt and want this out of their hair as soon as possible. I hope none o them gets to do it alone just like in the MA/MS or Ph. D. level
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@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
27 Apr 13
Nowadays, every student wants easy questions. Nobody wants to study hard. The few students who study hard are often mocked and ridiculed by those who do not study hard. Students very easy question papers. They do not even try to understand that the difficult subject matter is also important and will be needed in future.
• Philippines
30 Apr 13
Completely agree with you. Some students have it the easy way. For students still in school, they say that their lives are already and somewhat in hell. They haven't entered the workforce. I wonder if they will still consider it easy by that time.
@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
3 Apr 13
whoah! writing a paper is really hard. When we were doing our paper, we have so many sleepless nights and fasting days. Then during the defense, we were again having doubts and we feel very nervous thinking about the possible questions the panel will be asking. It was very stressful day and you are right because we really would like our paper to be approved because we've worked so hard. We were the one who chose our panelists but we were not allowed to talk to them about the possible questions they'll be asking. We could jeopardize our own paper if we talked to them. It was nice of you to have asked easier questions to them.
• Philippines
30 Apr 13
I also experienced this when I was a student. I completely understand. that's why i was so looking forward when I was given this chance.
@atv818 (1988)
• United Arab Emirates
30 Apr 13
I know you don't want to pressure them but you have to take into consideration that in the real world, there will be even tougher battles than just a high school paper. This task is only just an instrument to sharpen their communicative skills. This is the reason why more and more people are unemployed since most of them cannot communicate well. Consider this not as punishment to them but as preparation for them so that they can surpass whatever obstacles they may overcome.