Attention highest rank member of COMELEC!

April 2, 2013 9:52pm CST
Is it possible that an employee of COMELEC will do the command of feared politician? I've heard that in the place of Talisay City Cebu, the employees of COMELEC is under the command of the known politician and every time the Election is come, the politician is always re-elect! And now almost all people in Talisay was hated by him because of the Public market was transferred to other place and more people lost their financial needs to feed their family. I'm sure this politician will not win! if he win, maybe the employees of COMELEC is commanded him to change all data in the machine where the votes is counted. What do you think? can you change the employees of COMELEC in Talisay City? or forget about it!
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@stanley777 (7177)
• Philippines
4 Apr 13
I don't know if it's the appropriate words for it but my guess is, there is money involved in case what you've heard is true. Or maybe, this comelec employees or officials if we may call it such could have profited in doing so. Anyway, if the people of this city have a solid evidence that this politician did such act, they should seek the assistance of the comelec chairman in their area to have it investigated.
• Philippines
3 Apr 13
It depends on the circumstances. the only way that a politician gets elected in this country is the people elects one. COMELEC and other officers can facilitate = that occasion. Regrading the COMELC officer, you have to provide that he has the knowledge to tamper with the votes by himself or an accomplice. It was said that the machine cannot be tampered with and you have different people on different sides of that issue. Anyway, I very much doubt it if you are only talking about a lone member of CoMELEC who allegedly does this.