Which team will enter the finals In the west conference of NBA

April 3, 2013 3:00am CST
In east I do not think any team will threat to heat.But in west I am not sure which team will get out,so what is your opinion?
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@ljuba90 (15)
• Serbia And Montenegro
13 Apr 13
Well,i would like Lakers and Nuggets...but that's just a dream...I think that OKC and Memphis are the best teams in West now,but San Antonio is also one of the teams who could play in West final.
@cobalt20 (1321)
• Philippines
9 Apr 13
You are wrong. Chicago Bulls will be threat for Miami Heat even they lost injured MVP star Derrick Rose. The Bulls stop Miami's 27 game winning game recently and lost twice. They will meet again this month. A wild wild western conference because its anybody is in the west. Let us see the NBA playoff begins.
@Ghajini (776)
• Philippines
3 Apr 13
Welcome to mylot. I am a Houston Rocket fan, though I am aware that the teams in the West are really strong compared to their eastern counterparts. The funny thing is, the number 1 seed is once again the San Antonio Spurs who has a history of somehow failing to capture a spot in the conference finals in spite of their great performance during the season. We can't underestimate even the 8th seed of the western conference which is currently being fought by the Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks. Nevertheless, I think the Denver Nuggets will the toughest team in the west in spite of being just 3rd seed. However, I am hoping that two of my favorite teams wins the western conference, namely the Houston Rockets and Memphis Grizzlies.