Ahhhh...I am fed up of earning in Pennies!!

United States
April 4, 2013 8:43am CST
I am a work from home person and do not have a full time job for sometime due to certain personal problems, so I thought of earning some extra income by the conventional method all mylotters will be aware of... Yes! "Online income opportunities"! I joined a couple of survey sites and they do give me surveys, but the problem is most of them are not worth the time spent on them. You end up spending around half an hour on each surveys (though the surveys say 5/13/17/20/15 minutes! ), only to realize that either you don't qualify after answering a long question-answer session, or even if you get across, you earn in pennies. I, for once, am fed up of earning in pennies via surveys and sites that pay to complete offers. To even aggravate the problem, the cash offers that promise to pay $0.50 alongwith a free sample of some detergent/lotion etc etc, will take you on a long ride with their various offer-completion pages before you actually get to the final page. To add to the frustration, after you complete the offer, your email will be flooded with spams everyday! The minimum payout doesn't help either and is quite hard to achieve, with pennies accumulating in your account. Two things are certain for me: I think I will be looking for a full time job soon, AND I am not one of the internet earners!
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• Lenox, Georgia
4 Apr 13
I have never been a fan of the survey sites myself. The only two sites I do online is MyLot and the other one is on my profile, the other one I do earn money on-not just pennies either. =) I stick to these online and I have my Childcare business offline...
• United States
4 Apr 13
I had read about your childcare business and believe me, you are doing a great job! I was trying to look for some sites to write and earn but seems like most of them are not worth wasting time on. I guess I should just take out the idea of making some extra online income and just blog for fun, it's much easier to write when you are not under the pressure of earning! Thank you for your response! Happy mylotting!
@BelleStarr (40695)
• United States
14 Feb 16
You are certainly not alone at that, it is very difficult to make a living online these days.
@dianadee (1782)
• South Africa
9 Feb 16
The survey story was very irritating to say the least. As you said.. there is so much to complete and at last, when you have completed the task, you find out that you do not qualify.
@lokisdad (4263)
• United States
12 Nov 15
Its not easy to earn money online these days. There are blogging sites that pay well but they pay well and expect a lot of the writer some even want you to be an expert. sites like this one don't pay much but they don't ask for much either.
@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
20 Apr 13
For most people, online earning is just not worth it. As an example, I can only earned $60 - $100 within a month from online. It's nothing compared to what we could earn from full time job. As for now, I would happy enough to earn that much for extra money. Good luck in finding a full time job.
• Liechtenstein
13 Apr 13
Depends on how you earn money online. I earn $60+ online by doing what I love which is drawing. I don't really sign up for surveys sites to earn money at all. Try to find something that you are good at in order to get buyers for it. Your email is flooded by spam? Why not try using fake mail generator(disposable email service) to sign up for whatever you need that way your email won't have a single spam. Yeah, you should really get a full time job because online earning doesn't really bring a steady income unless you're popular in the internet. Online earning is only for side income.