Is it abnormal

@anil02 (2967)
April 4, 2013 11:33am CST
Generally we have heart at left side. But I read that one person have heart at right side. he is not eligible for selection in defense service and in police. he was rejected because his heart is at right site of chest. Is it abnormality. he is quite healthy and have not any health problem.
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@kiran8 (15360)
• Mangalore, India
16 Nov 15
In a way it is sad because all said and done it is a freak of nature to have made him that way ! But I am apalled that he has been rejected because of this inspite of his being normal and healthy !
• Marikina, Philippines
20 Apr 13
For me, its unfair. Why they have to judge it because of heart? As long as he's healthy that would be fine.
• Indonesia
5 Apr 13
I think its some kind of abnormality, since normal people have the heart in the left, i think he have some kind of body anatomy abnormality.
• Philippines
5 Apr 13
I don't know. Maybe there's some physical problems related to it, but I'm not an expert to this so I don't know what I'm saying. Maybe it's just located on the other side, but it functions normally. I haven't really read some medical news regarding this so I really have no idea. Although something like this was already featured in the movie Ninja Assassin. The woman who ran along with the ninja had her heart on her right side and the enemy stabbed her on her left thinking she had it there.
@blackrusty (3532)
• Mexico
4 Apr 13
it is sad that they would do this to this poor man if he can do the job then why stop him just think if some one was to shoot at his heart they would miss and hope that he would live