Hardest thing to search?????

@smani6 (17)
April 5, 2013 5:16am CST
I wonder everyone use internet to get to know what they dont know.. and search about those things and learn about it. But i want to know what is the hardest or toughest thing to search and find out in internet????
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@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
5 Apr 13
there are so many things that are not found in the internet. these are the things protected by copyrights. i do research. and there are many good references that are not available online for free. i have to purchase and pay the right to copy or print it. it is too expensive for a freelance researcher to buy every article s/he needs. well, we are still lucky that there are public libraries that can access to these journals.
@smani6 (17)
• India
5 Apr 13
yes dude you are right, I too do my research on my final year project. when i search for related journals or papers to my project, they ask me to purchase and pay for it. So i get frustrated about it and leave it. Its very hard to find many research papers, articles on internet...
5 Apr 13
Welcome to Mylot.I hope you will like it.:)I like movie soundtracks and sometimes I can't find information about a movie soundtrack.Like who composed it,where can I download it or buy it.It's difficult to find old authentic photos, some documents.The hardest thing for me is to find controversial videos and articles.They keep deleting and banning them and use filtering programs that make them disappear form the search results.
@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
28 Apr 13
I think that the hardest thing to search and find on internet is travel guidance. Yes, there are lot of sites which speak about the various tourist spots, but I am afraid I cannot find any valuable guidance on travelling to other countries. I would like to know what are the dangerous places in a particular tourist destination, exactly how far is the hotel located from the airport, exactly how far is the local bus stand from the airport etc.. But Icould not find such information.