Discussion: Is the opinion of the majority a poor guide?

April 5, 2013 5:36am CST
Recently i came upon a very interesting article from a magazine, with a title "Is the opinon of the majority——in a government or in any cirumstances——a poor guide?", that raised my great interests. Here is a space just for public opinions, and paste yours here. The followiong is mine. Everyone has his own ideas about one certain issue, and we always observe the rules that the minorites will stand for the overall. Such a rule can bring us an efficient decision about one issue, however, we may question whether it is the best decision under this circumstance, or even the opposite. Due to the rules, some individual pieces of ideas will be severly influnced, and even twisted by that from the majorities. Because of the pressure and urgency, thouse individual's will always give up and become subordinative. Whereas, not all the opinions of the majority is a poor guide. But we should bravely speak out for ourselves, if we have a strong belief for our owns, stick to it, instead of going under the guidance from others. Such a spirit can be found from an ancient astronomist, Gelilieo, who should be a household name even for idiots in astronomy. In the early times, a saying went in the religion that the sun runs around the earth. No one dared to express one's doubtfullness about the theory, and it lasted for centuries. After that, Gelileo stood out and spoke out an opposite theroy that the earth goes around the Sun. He underwent great pressure and was threatened form the authorities, but he stock to himself even though it was his own theory at that time. Not considering whose theroy is true, we should appericate his spirit. In my opinion sometimes the opinions from the majority cam be positive, but sometimes not. What we need to do is to stick on ourselves.
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@jenny1015 (13388)
• Philippines
6 Apr 13
We may differ in opinions and we could not expect people to follow what we think is right or wrong. But having a firm stand on our belief ca help people realize that what we think has something in it, too.
@kenshin2143 (1882)
• Philippines
5 Apr 13
I think it hold some truth in it. Like for example, one author of a getting-rich book mentioned that if one wants to be financially abundant, do the opposite things that the majority is doing or thinking. In that way, you will get rich for some reasons.