I have become my boss'es bestfriend

April 5, 2013 8:32am CST
I am 20 days older than my boss. Being in the same generation, we share so much in common like movies, songs and memories of childhood since we grew up in the same community but not really meeting each other until just two years ago when I joined her company. Sometimes I think it's good to be closer to her than being just co-workers, we get to talk about personal things other than the business. Yet sometimes I have reservations in sharing to her my life. I'm afraid that opening up to her would remove the boundaries between us in a professional level but sometimes I think that I am being unfair. At this point, I am maintaining the professional level of relationship. Being a friend to her is maybe enough. But she can not expect more from me other than just a listener to her vents and brights sides. I hope I am doing this fine. What are your thoughts on this, my friends?
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@leateagee (3667)
• China
14 Apr 13
. I understand you. Your position is quite hard. You cannot truly be open because it might damage the good relationship and if you won't share also the relationship will not flourish. If failures arise in your side, the boss might blame you for being too relaxed because you are already friends. Just know where you stand. And never forget in the office, she is the boss. Do your work properly so there will never be any issues. Being friends with boss is also fun because it means you are being trusted and you have a good company. Enjoy it!
@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
5 Apr 13
there is nothing wrong in being a friend of your boss. well, she is still human that needs some companionship and relationship. what is wrong if you use the relationship to your advantage over the others. and your colleagues may see something wrong in your relationship, but for me, there is nothing wrong inherently in your friendship with your boss.
@emily7339 (1339)
• Malaysia
5 Apr 13
I think if it is in the work place, it is best for me to maintain the boss and employee relationship. At other time, there should be no restriction especially out of working schedule. Both of us could be a good friend.
@munhozmib (3856)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
5 Apr 13
Hello there, CelleDJ! Having this kind of relationship with a co-worker makes the working environment way better. It's a different thing when you're working with people that actually care about you and value you as a person. Unfortunately, sometimes it's quite dangerous to talk about personal things, as they can be spreared around the company and generate bad comments. My advice: enjoy the situation, but don't be careless. Talk about likes and dislikes, find out your common interests and share the good experiences. However, avoid saying negative things about your company or your colleagues. I'm sure you'll do just fine! Just remember: don't close the door, this can turn into a great friendship (and, who knows, perhaps something even better). Respectfully, Mumhozmib.
@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
5 Apr 13
Sometimes its not good to mix business with pleasure. But its worth A try. Good luck...