Stylistically Conscious and Happy

April 6, 2013 2:55am CST
Now that I am a college student, I tend to become stylistically conscious with what I wear. I really have no idea if when did this start but I'm loving it and I am happy with it. We have no uniform in our school so we are off to dress with shirts and pants. I used to pick t-shirts of black or white colors, though blue also will do. I like much also polo shirts. Recently, I get addicted to checkered shirt; also those with long sleeves. Additionally, when there is no class, I used to cloth myself when going outside with just shorts (since it is so hot) and a matching shirt (the same color with my shorts). I love going out with shoes also. Also, I partnered my clothes with necklace having pendants which are anime related. I find it very cool and I am extremely happy with it.
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• Philippines
7 Apr 13
Been to that stage in my life, self expression is really nice and cool, that time i don't care if i look good, all i care is, what i'm wearing is the current fashion and style, though my parents were scolding me about my outfit, i just don't mind them, the Gothic style that's what i love must, my mother hate that style she says i look so scary, i told them its the new fashion for today. And painted my nails with black color its cool! Now i don't do it new stage of life and seems it will fit me anymore, i can't imagine my self, going to office with all black outfit and with black nails. hahahaha
• Philippines
7 Apr 13
That would be cool. I like also styling my hair. I really do not care what other people might say about it. I had colored it twice. I am really happy with it. Having an amazing styled hair makes me comfortable and confident.
@dream_ozn (1758)
• Singapore
6 Apr 13
Hey kaichoukebz, it's good to know that you are stylistically conscious with what you wear. I'm currently in my final year of college and i also take pride in my dressing. I do not dress nicely to school everyday. But i do realise that when i take the effort to dress up, i feel more confident and happier :)
@else22 (4319)
• India
6 Apr 13
I appreciate your choice.If wearing dresses of your choice makes you feel happier and more self confident,then go on with it.My friend is also like you.To some extent yours and his choices match.And yes,he too feels himself happier when he wears a dress with his favorite design and color.On the other hand,I am not so conscious with what I wear.Fortunately I never feel depressed or unhappy if my dress is not ofmy choice.