do you believe at black magic???

April 6, 2013 10:22pm CST
black magic is hot topic in indonesian,until was born rules about this black magic,what u're opinion about this
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• Atlantic City, New Jersey
7 Apr 13
In life I am a firm believer that for every yin there is a yang. So being that I believe in good spirits or "white magic" as some might call it- I would have to say that yes I believe in magic involving the supposed invocation of evil spirits for evil purposes "black magic". I grew up surrounded by people that worship saints- good and bad. So I can say I've seen both sides of this coin. As a child there was one experience that is still burned into my memory. There was a local man that everyone in the neighborhood would gossip about being into Santaria (voodoo or black magic). Well there was one instance that a another local neighbor "stole" this mans significant other. In the coming weeks the person that took his significant other grew to be very ill. Losing extreme amounts of weight very quickly and doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. The man came to this person one day and revealed that he had put some type of "spell" on and the person would have to go to a certain grave yard and dig up with he buried- this is the only way the person would come back to good health. Low and behold the person became soo ill that they decided to go do what the man told them- needless to say ...the person was fine after a few months of digging up what was buried. Scary - but it taught me that where good magic is...there is always the possibility of bad magic.
7 Apr 13
but,if magic will make a rules in a country,do u agree about it ?? can u think with u're brain ??? cz one rules will bron spend much more money of people in country