Are pit latrines a time bomb?

Nairobi, Kenya
April 7, 2013 9:07am CST
I live in a country where pit latrines are the norm in cities, towns, and schools rather than the exception. These latrines are emptied once in a while when they fill up by commercial tankers who go to dispose off the stuff to I do not know where!!! Hydrogen sulphide, possibly the most dangerous gas common to manure pits, can be released rapidly when the liquid manure slurry is agitated, an operation commonly performed to suspend solids so that pit latrines can be emptied by pumping. During agitation, hydrogen sulphide levels can soar within seconds from the usual ambient levels of less than 5ppm to lethal levels of over 500ppm. I wonder what can be done to save the situation!
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• Philippines
7 Apr 13
So far the only solution I can see is ecosan toilets - It should be taught in schools or it will just not be noticed nor promoted.
• Nairobi, Kenya
7 Apr 13
Thanks pal. I will have one made for my family in the country side. I had not heard about it till today. Thanks for sharing