Crazy chat sites

April 7, 2013 9:33am CST
There are few chat sites like biji which pays us for chatting but you have to chat all through the day to earn 10 cents but they are paying to selective members and how do you earn from them and suggest me some good ones
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• Indonesia
21 Apr 13
Oh, so there is a site which pays you through chatting? But if you just can earn 10 cents by spending throughout your day for chatting then it seems not a lot. And what do you mean by they only paying for selective member? Is it just for the member who has a good English or something like that?
• Indonesia
14 Apr 13
i don't know if there are site liike that. But i think it will gonna be scam. And if it legit i'm sure it will waste our time.
@somupriti (353)
10 Apr 13
I have no idea whether any site is paying to chat only. I shall make a search to know it clearly.
@sjvg1976 (18388)
• Delhi, India
7 Apr 13
Oh do they pay for chatting? I don't know any such site which just pay for chatting.
7 Apr 13
I didn't even know that they had sites like that where you make money. But if you are going to chat throughout the day, you should make more money.