That moment when you´re not in mood for anything :/

Slovak Republic
April 8, 2013 2:00pm CST
I am sitting behind my computer now. I spent all day at school, now I´ve studied for 3 hours. I finally finished and I am just sitting here. I wanted at least to respond to some discussions here, but I just don´t know what to write. I don´t even have a mood for watching TV series, what´s my addiction. And it´s just too early to go to sleep. But what really bothers me is that I have this mood pretty often in last couple months. Maybe it´s because of weather. It was really long winter this year. Spring finally came to Slovakia this week. Do you have this kind of feeling as well sometimes? That you are not able to do anything. That you don´t have even mood to talk to your friends.
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@scubapro (1056)
• Gifu, Japan
9 Apr 13
i think its because of the weather,here also weather is so strange,windy and cold sometimes we can be mood for doing nothing,so just relax and have a nap. if you dont wanna write or you dont know what to write,its better to relax and have a shower to feel better happy mylotting
• Slovak Republic
9 Apr 13
I think the weather is the major reason of my bad mood. I just need little bit of sun finally nad go out, because I am sitting at home too often in last couple weeks. Thanks for commenting :).
@Dominique25 (9475)
• United States
8 Apr 13
I think that from time to time the majority of us as faced this. Sometimes we just want to be by ourselves. That we have already done too much to think of doing anything else. I hope that your evening goes well and that tomorrow will be better.
• Slovak Republic
9 Apr 13
I spent evening with doing nothing yesterday. At least I got some rest. Hopefully today will be better, even I doubt it, becasuse I have too many things to do and I rather go out out or something. Thanks for commenting anyway :).
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
12 Apr 13
The moment when I am not in the mood for anything, I can not focus myself well on the things I am doing. To relax myself from it, I do not work on my project, but surf on the Internet at random instead or just lie in bed for a good rest. This makes me feel much better. Take care.