making money online is not free

April 8, 2013 6:30pm CST
That is one of the fact that so many people dont know, you have to work online or deposit some funds before you can make money online, so to you all scammers that decieve people that they can make money online without doing any work, its all a big lie. even in mylot here we participate in discussion just to get some earnings
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• Serbia
8 Apr 13
Well, you dont Have to spend money in order to make money online. But you definitely Have to spend time in order to make it. The last sentence is as if you are complaining. Tell me, outside of the internet, do you get money anywhere for free? At least here, if you manage to make it and start making income, you can do it sitting, laying down, relaxing at home without some @%$^$ standing over your head stressing you out and making you sick. So id trade a day job that pays for example 1000 Dollars, Euros whatever for half of that amount to work from/at home. My health and calmness are worth more to me then luxuries. If the basic needs are met. Food, Water, shelter then everything else is just a luxury. I really mean that :)