What Should I master in Information Technology field?

April 9, 2013 6:01am CST
I am an information technology student and I want to master it while studying. My problem is it is too broad to learn unlike medicine or law course. What should i focused? computer trouble shooting? programming languages? computer networking? creating websites? graphics designs?
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@youless (94719)
• Guangzhou, China
11 Apr 13
I personally think that programming is very potential. Since it is difficult and therefore not many people who can master it. Whereas the programming is a very important part for the IT field. If you learn it well, you will be much more competitive than others.
• Philippines
11 Apr 13
I am trying to master the visual basic .net 2012 by taking free tutorials on the net. But, sometimes in a week I did watch and read the tutorial lessons. I cannot find my self interested in programming. I tried also the java programming to master in IT field but I am not a computer science major so it is not included to my school curriculum. I thought that different industries needs some certificates or proper educational background to it.
• India
9 Apr 13
Hi friend, various courses are available in IT field and all of them having their own importance and needs. You know about your interest and skills take a course based on your interested field and achieve a lot in it. All the best
• Philippines
10 Apr 13
Thank you vidhyaprakash_2, IT is a hard course but perseverance is the answer to understand and to be success in this field.
@thesids (22351)
• Bhubaneswar, India
9 Apr 13
If you are really serious to make it big here in IT you have to pick up some theoretical subject unless of course you are a creative person with designs. In case you are good with graphics, go for it as there is a lot many openings in this field starting from simple web design to the complicated cine-graphics (CGI) and the supply of creative people is always scarce. If not, then go for Computer Networking - you can later select to be a Database Administrator or even the Network Administrator in any large organization. But definitely, in case you pursue this, you would later have to complete the CCNA, A+ and other related certification programs from any major organization (maybe like Microsoft or even Oracle). I have been a career counselor for many years now and I do would suggest that this is the right time for you to decide what YOU prefer for you in Future and then take/focus on the subjects that would help you. So instead of asking others, first ask yourself what you want to see yourself in say 5 years after the completion of the course and that will help you decide.
• Philippines
10 Apr 13
Thank you thesids for your wonderful advice, I should start right away to evaluate myself about on what particular IT field in I am going to excel. I always search free online tutorials about different subjects but I always fail to finish those tutorials.
@roshigo58 (4871)
• Pune, India
16 Apr 13
Hi, My son has done B.Tech in IT Engineering. He got a job in campus interview. He focused on the studies according to his syllabus and nothing else. We have to work according to requirements of the company. For every IT student programming knowledge is must.