League of Legends

April 10, 2013 1:02am CST
Hey mylotters! I am just curious... who on here plays league of legends? It is a free to play, MOBA (meaning it is a massive on-line battle action rpg). I started a few days ago as my boyfriend wanted to play it because some of his co-workers play it and I wanted him to get to know his co-workers better and become better friends with them as he doesn't have many friends. So he asked me to start playing and I am actually better than him at it .... O.o But it's fun! Any one play?
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@Carruru (31)
• Anqing, China
22 May 13
yes its the game i really love to play,but jist no partner with me,im lonely to play always,can we do it together?
• Beijing, China
26 Apr 15
what do you want play lol In US servers or Tencent servers?
• Beijing, China
26 Apr 15
I play this game about one month~but I come from china,in our country ,a company named Tencent agent this game~but when I tend play this game for winning,I feel tired~because sometimes my teammate can't play this game skilled.
@SosiyA (1)
• Shanghai, China
26 Feb 14
I‘ve played LOL for about 2 years but don't have much time to continue now..
• Roanoke, Virginia
16 May 13
Yes I have been playing LOL since it was in beta. I do tend to stop playing for a long time (9-10 months) then come back and play for a while then stop playing.
@tech40 (9726)
• Philippines
10 Apr 13
Actually only League of Legends catches my attention, I don't like to play DOTA but im playing it sometimes, LOL gives me excitement, that's why i keeps on playing it, LoL is an easy game, at first it's hard, but when you know to play it deeper, you can play it as easy as singin alphabetical letters, Just keep on practicing it works, and ask to your bf that, he should ask help to his co-workers cos they're playing LoL already, they can give good tip, or more advance knowledge to your boyfriend, :)