Surprised, I am more knowledgeable than before!

April 12, 2013 9:44am CST
I love more on surfing the internet; reading, watching movies, writing and etc. and etc. But one day it happens that I discover good opportunities online that others really don't know the strategies! Am I going to tell other members, friends or relatives on this idea? The bad thing is, if I will tell this idea - the one who know will become my competitors! I don't know but this is really the result. What's the best on this, please advice! don't tell anybody? or sell this information? or gave it for free for the seek of the others? What about your suggestions? I will highly appreciate what's behind on your mind.
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• United States
12 Apr 13
There are a lot of good opportunities online to make profit and be successful. You could share information if you know someone is struggling. You could get yourself successful in whatever your plan is that you came across, and after you're already successful you could sell the information for a bigger profit.