Thus, I want to feel the happiness again...

April 12, 2013 1:01pm CST
A pleasant day fellow mylotters, Honestly at one point, I envy those people who used to say they're happy. That, most often than not, I am wishing that I can end up all the mess and live happily. As I really cannot explain why my life is experiencing all of this. As the only reason that I remember was, I just chose to resign and go back home to be with my family again. To see them, to embrace and cuddle them, to chat with them personally, to laugh with them, to dine with them, to go places with them. But, to my surprise, they are already used that I am living afar from them. As they didn't appreciate what I have done, the decision that I have chosen. As, not so good things happens one by one. First, my mom, she somehow blame me that I have chose the wrong decision. Second, my brother and I are always arguing that results to a much bigger gap. That, those situations makes me to think, that if I can turn back the time, then, I would definitely go back where I was 2 years ago. Thus, if a Fairy God Mother will appear in-front of me right now, I would definitely ask and request from her, if she can bring me back to the place where I was earning much, the place where I found courage, the place where I was working before. I am really keeping my prayers and wishes that God will grant me to have an opportunity again even to live and work far from my family, so as to bring back those good situation that has been lost. Thus, I am also wishing to feel the happiness again....
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@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
12 Apr 13
Aw, i can understand your situation very well and i know u must be regretting about the turn of events that has happened with you so far. Besides ups n downs are part n parcel of everyone's life, so u should stay positive and they r your family members n not strangers and i am sure they would be missing u and would be thinking positive about u, so think positive and good things will happen with u in the coming days.
• Philippines
12 Apr 13
good day subhojit10, honestly speaking, i am not regretting anything about my family as i loved them so much. its just, the family that i loved most are the people who pushes me away. and i guess, it is better to loved them from afar.
@KrauseHome (35507)
• United States
16 Apr 13
I think there are many times in our lives where we would all Love to have a Fairy godmother to turn back time and go back to when life was a little more easier and happy for us. And for family situations, it would take a lot, but many times would be worth it to where at times I do not feel like an outsider if I ever needed to contact someone.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
13 Apr 13
Hello, airasheila! I could feel your pain. And how I wish I could be able to help you. The best think you can do is to look for a job and probably live in a separate house so that you may be able to find peace as well. In all honesty, I have also been in a situation wherein I thought that I would never be happy again. Well, I may not be that happy, but at least the worries and tension have lessened.
@Angelpink (4022)
• Philippines
13 Apr 13
Hey Ai ! Things happened for reason , no mistakes in life but only lessons learnt ! Don't worry , days maybe bit dark but tomorrow or next day am so sure sun will shine for you . This is what life is all about , full of pain and hardships because oftentimes i said ,if it is not full of suffering then it is not life but just a dream. Believed me ,one day nothing will be seen in your someday but all smile and laughter. God loves you friend ! Definitely He does ! Forgive your family and accept them anyway..
@emily7339 (1339)
• Malaysia
13 Apr 13
Hi airasheila, Please do not be despair. If there is a will, there will be a way . You could try to find a job again even it is a far away job. It is better to be independent and not relying on anyone else . Happiness is always there for us, it is for us to find it...