April 13, 2013 5:11am CST
Do you know what is Lithography ? In traditional lithographic printing , an image is drawn on a stone plate with a greasy medium and fixed by applying an acidic solution . The plate is then dampened and rolled with ink, which adheres only to the greasy areas and is repelled by the water . Paper is laid on to the linked block and pressure is applied by a press, transferring the linked image to the paper. Today , most printed articles are produced by offset lithography, in which the image is transferred from a dampened and linked metal plate to an intermediate offset roller, before being reproduced on paper.
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25 Apr 13
Thanks for the information mate. I am enlightened. Ciao
• Philippines
22 Apr 13
The process of printing from a flat surface treated so as to repel the ink except where it is required for printing. This can be a very nice art, and less effort, if you have the complete materials needed. I think this process is used in some printing press.