Sunday is really a family fun day.

April 14, 2013 3:31am CST
For me sunday is the best day to start a bond in family, going to church cooking my special recipe and the best is roasting outside our house. Please share some activities to make :)
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
14 Apr 13
Hello Kizz. On weekdays everyone is so busy with his work, but when weekends and holidays come, it is really a perfect time for the family to get together for some fun activities like traveling, hiking, mall shopping and some similar activities. I love my time being together with them as it is considered to be a good time to start and strenghen the family bond. Activities may vary based on family preference. Thanks for the discussion and welcome to mylot. Take care.
15 Apr 13
thanks william for sharing. I see how you value your family. Hope i can also make a good start here in mylot. many thanks.
15 Apr 13
my day starts with yoga$few relaxation$rejuvenating technics because today i m not in rush as in wk of the day i spend with my family $ friends,social gettogether,social work,anything that i could not do or finish during last wk,so that i m fresh for the coming wk.
@Kmz059 (654)
• Philippines
14 Apr 13
Good to hear that you really had fun :) I just stayed at house the whole day and stuck on mh bed. because I am tired 5 days that I am bust travelling.
15 Apr 13
thanks Kmz059 for sharing. weekends are often time for having fun times and also for relaxing. Hope you could also have time to explore after 5 hard days of work :)
• India
16 Apr 13
For me Sunday is a relaxing day. i get to spend quality time with parents and my brother. i can bond well with my family on Sundays. Sunday is a day wherein i can catch up with my friends. It is a day where in i can nurture relationships with my near and dear ones.What has happened now a days we are so busy in our jobs that there is no space for relationship building & family members living under same roof dont communicate. So i guess sunday come's as blessing in disguise. Thanks Anusha