Feeling bad about not going to church

April 14, 2013 5:35pm CST
I am enjoying life! But really I am missing something...as a kid I grew up in a Seventh Day Adventist family, vegeterians, and we went to church every saturday and wednesday night. I grew up and rarely ever go to church, I used to work on the weekends and had no choice to go on Saturday (Sabbath). But now I am a stay at home wife and really have no excuses to use. I have gone to church on Sunday numerous times, Easter, when remorse really kicks in...lol. And I just cant bring myself to go back to SDA church. Honestly a lot went down there...I went to the Waco, TX SDA church and there was a big cult takeover there some years ago. Maybe the taunting past of my religious upbringing being so strict and a combination of laziness and complacency make me not want to go. But since life is so good lately I should really take the time out to go! God I have to go this week! Root me on!
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16 Nov 15
I no longer go to a physical church, my Dad is mainly focusing on ministry and outreach, so I watch a live stream of a church service in Tulsa, OK ever Sunda morning.
16 Apr 13
hi prinsassy, I'm stay at home mom too and every Sunday I really enjoy go to church and praising God. Even though I'm busy too in lot's of things, still I can't missed to go on our church. During monday and saturday I do all my works and by sunday it's my day off and also day of worshiping God together with my other sisters/brother. It's really a relieving when you saw lots of people praising God. And one of the reason why I love go to our church is because of our Pastor, she is so excellent in preaching the words of God. She deliver it very well and every words that come out into her mouth really stays at my mind. But I know the main reason for going their is to praise God wholeheartedly and give thanks for those blessing He give us. I hope you find your way to go in your church-happily Sorry for the long post:)
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14 Apr 13
You should not beat yourself up so bad over this. I am sure your heart is pure and god knows your heart better than you. I did not go today because I was not right in the mind to go. I had worry on my heart and would have broke down as soon as they played the music. I will go next week if everything goes well.