what's your dream

April 15, 2013 1:05am CST
I have a dream :became a successful and rich women!If I have much money ,I will travel angwhere in the world and buy angthing that I want to buy,I will be better for my parents!so what's you dream?
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@bintang9 (196)
• Indonesia
15 Apr 13
Talking about dream is always interesting for me. About 25 years ago when I was in Senior High School I had a lot of dream. I was from limited family, means that my parents were not rich and not poor. I had ambition become a doctor, I wanted to have my own car, I wanted to have my own house, I wanted to have much money, I wanted to go to vacation in Bali, I wanted to go to Mecca for pilgrim, I wanted to go abroad, I wanted to have a family with children, and many more. Perhaps, at that time it was such kind of impossible thing to reach. But, most of them I have reach it, except being a doctor. Because my parents didn't have enough money to pay my school fee at the faculty. Now, still I have some dreams that I have written in my diary, someday I would look again, whether the dreams have been reach or not. May God make our dreams come true.
• China
15 Apr 13
you are so mang dreams,but which are also my dreams but become a doctor,i just want to became a succseeful women but not rely on man,i hope i can give my parents a happy life and hope they are not so tired always!
@bintang9 (196)
• Indonesia
15 Apr 13
not rely on man is a must...we can enjoy life without relying on someone else. Just focus on your dream and effort, it will be proved, your dreams will be reached. Don't forget to pray to God. Good luck!
@dilrajj57 (1759)
• Pakistan
21 Apr 13
hi friend, how are you, i am male in the age of 45, i dream that i visit to China, and travel anywhere in China with Some lovely friend belong to China. but still i have not got any lovely friend in China. when i got then hope will in China.
@rage35 (344)
• Philippines
20 Apr 13
I also wanted to become a successful and rich man. Everyone wanted to be like that since you can do anything you want if you have money. But that would be my long term goal. I am not really expecting that to happened but I am contented as of now with my present life since I have everything I got, from the love and support of my family, friends and my future wife. I cannot ask for more than to be with them.
• Serbia
15 Apr 13
Right now it's making enough money working online to be able to provide myself Food, Water and a Roof over my head, even if by third world standards. Not have to work for No-one in order to live day to day and keep my stomach full. That is my dream right now. From that point on im covered, im good, im happy. And from then on i can try to make more online. As long as i know i can guarantee myself survival working online, i made it. Whatever happens next is not that important. Because i will know i will not starve, i will not be cold on the streets. That's it. No fancy traveling on buying myself the best things in life. That would just be a luxury IF i manage to be able to provide it to myself. But never a necessity. Never wasting my money on st**id Sh*t!