Weird dream ending

United States
April 15, 2013 6:31am CST
I had the weirdest ending to my dream a short time ago. I don't know what specifically had me upset driving my car around the block-but after what I'm witnessing here the last few days, it has to be my next door neighbors. Anyhow, I remember circling the block, trying to park near our apartment. Then I thought I spotted a spot out front, and began my mission to park there when a car I didn't recognize grabbed the spot. Dammit! So I slid into a spot a bit in front of that car. At this point I was combining places in my dream because there are no trees out front. I exited the car, slamming to door in my anger when my ex-boyfriend of seven years showed up with his younger son, smiling at me. I was trapped-my current boyfriend was inside our apartment, asleep. He was already upset from a recent business meeting, and I figured he definitely be upset if he saw me talking to another man again. But this time, I felt strangely ashamed and embarrassed because my next door neighbors have their porch covered in crap-and that just lumped me in with them-white trash! But I really woke up when I invited the guys somewhere to sit down and grab a couple of drinks..... So now I'm wide awake, and wondering what this means-any ideas? I do remembering waking up in a good mood....
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• Philippines
23 Apr 13
Most of the dreams were really weird, but their are some people says, that dreams has it meaning if we look deeper into it. Some says its incoming future, a guide for a present plan, but i don't really have a complete idea on what dreams is most of time it is weird and sometimes funny.