1,000 Words Per Day

@bloggeroo (2171)
April 15, 2013 7:01am CST
I don't know what my limit is, but I'm taking too long to reach my target word count (1,000 words) for a writing assignment. For the past few days, I've been doing 3 x 100-word pieces in an hour or two for my blog. No problem with that. It's the longer format that is problematic for me. Right now, I'm experimenting with a piecemeal approach. I divided the piece into five parts with 200 words per part. It's working so far. I'm just short on words and a bit slow.
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@scheng1 (24742)
• Singapore
15 Apr 13
Hi Bloggeroo, that is why I hate to write long article. It is tough making the article flows from beginning to end with the same theme, and in the same tone of writing. I rather write a few shorter ones, because these are not related. I think you can change your approach. That means you plan the writing, with a few main points, so that you can write all in a day. In this way, there is no break in the writing.
@bloggeroo (2171)
• Philippines
15 Apr 13
Yup. Making the transition from paragraph to paragraph is not easy. I have to make the necessary connections from one paragraph to the next. And I have to watch out for repetition of words which I tend to do. Splitting the piece into different parts seems to be a good approach. It's better than using an outline (which I find problematic). Anyway, I just need 200 words and I'm done.
@deserve40 (1643)
• India
21 Apr 13
It should not be a big problem for you friend. I feel that your piecemeal approach is quite effective. Speed in writing will come by itself. If you work for quite some time on this, you will gain the speed. I think that one more point which matters a lot is the subject you are writing on. If you have good knowledge and experience of the subject, you will be able to write much faster. I remember one of my traininer saying "Never sacrifice your accuracy and quality of work for gaining speed" . I have been experiencing the same way. Have a nice time...!
@Bluedoll (17052)
• Canada
15 Apr 13
Piecemeal is good. Do you break it down into subject matter? What sometimes happens to me is five equal parts becomes one subject doing much more than the other subject. If I find one isn't doing very well jump to the section I find does. You never know sometimes which one though..
@TLilly12 (1230)
• United States
15 Apr 13
I have you have good time, with you writing and with your, figuring out how many words, you are going to write a minute, I hope writing works out for you, writing can be fun, and it can take a lot, of work to do to.