Do you get upset when others discipline your child/children?

United States
April 15, 2013 10:48am CST
Yesterday my older brother seemed to get really upset that my fiance' disciplined my 3 year old niece. She hit me in my face and my brother overheard my fiance tell her, in a stern but low calm tone, it's not nice to hit her Auntie. He literally just said "No, no, dont hit your auntie". Meanwhile, I was saying to her "No, dont do that!" My brother comes in the room saying in an angry tone "Stop yelling at my daughter." I am assuming that he was directing that towards my fiance. First, nobody was yelling. My fiance didnt raise his voice and definitely didnt come at her in a threatening manner. Being the nice guy that he is, my fiance let it go but we had a discussion about it last night. I got really upset because I questioned if my brother reacted this way because he dislikes my fiance. We finally came to the conclusion that perhaps my brother just feels uncomfortable with anyone, especially another man, disciplining his daughter. Even though I think he should've handled the situation differently, I suppose I can understand that. My niece adores my fiance and we question if there's even a hint of jealousy there. How do you feel about others verbally reprimanding your children? Fathers, would you have a problem with another man disciplining your child if you were in the next room?
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@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
24 Apr 13
No, I do not get upset. If our children misbehave, then others have got the right to discipline them. Sometimes, children make a nuisance of themselves and cause a lot of trouble for others. This could be because probably the parents have not taken the trouble to properly discipline their child. In that case, it is but inevitable for others to discipline the child. In fact, parents should feel grateful to the one who disciplines the child because discipline is very important. After all, we live in a society and we need to live in harmony with each other and children need to be given proper training for that.
@cherigucchi (4790)
• Philippines
19 Apr 13
I do not mind if a relative, someone close to the family would discipline my children especially if the children really did something wrong. But of course, I would appreciate it if s/he is not going to yell or hit my children. As parents, we refrain from shouting or hitting our children so we would not want any one not even my relatives care to do that especially in front of us.
• Canada
15 Apr 13
Hi and Welcome Mizzty Well from what you say hear there really was nothing wrong in how or what your fiancé said to your niece he was correct to tell her gently not to hit you if the father was not in the room at the time he should of asked first what it was about without going off the handle at your fiancé I cannot imagine how this made your fiancé feel. It could be like you said your brother dislikes your fiancé, maybe you should have a chat with your bro.
• India
15 Apr 13
Many people do not like others (be it anyone) trying to discipline their children. We are given the right to love them, but we are given no right to raise our voice on them if they are doing anything wrong. Why can't people see that others disciplining their child is actually in the best interest of their own child? If I would give others the right to be affectionate towards my child, I would also give them the right to discipline him/her whenever he/she does anything wrong.
@ShyBear88 (17538)
• United States
15 Apr 13
It all depends on the tome. It's firm but still low I have no problem with that but if its yelling or hitting I will not stand for that because I will pick the corse of how my child will be punished them being told no by others I have no issues with at all.
• United States
15 Apr 13
My daughter is going on 19 now but the times when she was smaller I did not mind anyone getting on her. as long as they did not hit her i was fine with that. I come from a family that believes in beating the child.