Why the school fee of university students in Indonesia is very expensive?

@bintang9 (196)
April 15, 2013 11:31pm CST
The school fee of university students nowadays is getting higher. As a result, there are so many Senior High School graduation couldn't continue their study because their parents do not have money to pay. But I have ever read from news that the Education of Education promise that the school fee for university students will be decrease even it will be free. We hope it would be true.
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@tehpau (340)
• Malaysia
16 Apr 13
Are you talking about private or public university? Over here in Malaysia, private institutions are very expensive too, but public universities are affordable. The hard part is getting into one. We have to go through the most difficult public exams in order to study in public university. I hope your government will lower the fees soon.
@bintang9 (196)
• Indonesia
16 Apr 13
I'm talking about public university. Even more expensive than private university. Moreover when it is extension program. Although there are scholarship program for the poor family, but it is very difficult. In fact, there are some students actually they are very poor because their parents got problem about debt, their parents' business was bankrupt, so they didn't have any requirements in scholarship. The earning actually is enough but their debt is more than their earning. the students with such condition actually need aid to get scholarship
@Pegasus72 (1901)
27 Apr 13
I think college is expensive anywhere it isn't given for free.
@srisahara (4147)
• Indonesia
17 Apr 13
Yes, you are right, fee of university students growing rapidly and getting higher. During 15 years later, fee of university student was increase about tenfold. Yes, maybe it caused by inflation in our country. I hope government will apply some regulation to reduce the fee. I worry there are many Senior High School Student who cannot continue their study.
• Philippines
16 Apr 13
I guess it depends on the tuition fee of the school, every school has different tuition fees, usually University has a big school fee same here in the Philippines, mostly only rich people can afford to go University for schooling, there are some scholar student but only few.