Eliminating Professional Squatters and fixers in Manila

April 16, 2013 3:47am CST
Well,if you are Filipino like me you will be familiar with professional squatter. this are people who able the free housing program of National Housing Authority by our government.They pass birth certificate which is easy to falsification for they DON'T required authenticated one.Plus just like my sister who availed now for 1,325 pesos. they said he 1000 pesos is the 'lagay' or paid to the person(s) who will process the paper.so that means anyone can avail as long as you pay for the fixer, so I wonder why there is no receipt.Just like my uncle they pictured a family since her wife is not there. so my mother said to picture with me with his children. and because my uncle is an ex criminal and just being a pardon. I can't say no. This is very unfair to us who doesn't have house and afford to have such money.The government so that fixers and professional squatter will be eliminate They must ask for authenticated birth certificate coming from National Statistics Office. also even for Married certificate. Because just like now.Just go to recto and other places it's very easy to falsification that thing. and Imagine those professional squatter when they avail that house and later will sell it in a higher price let say from 40 to 70 thousand pesos. not to have their home because they already have their own but to make it an investment. Just like what we often watch in television program. they have extra house using others name and they they will use the house as a rental that is where the words Professional squatters also came from. Our Philippine government should eliminate this so that it will be fair to all.
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• Philippines
20 Apr 13
I agree, but also the government officials is corrupt, what other sees to them will be follow by others especially the on the lower level employee, must of us is trying to survive and that they only way to survive is to fool others. This is been a long time issue in here in the Philippines but until now it is un-solve, all they can do it making laws about anti fixing but remain there. My head really aches when i think of this and this makes me stress, now the thing that i can do is to work hard for my myself.