Do you think most people are overworked?

April 16, 2013 5:46am CST
Do you think anybody with real life jobs are overworked? Especially those who work in the offices? I read an article somewhere that college students are overworked, in fact I feel I'm overworked. I can't even have a break for a few days because it will reduce my time to meet the deadlines. Did the colleges purposely overworked the students just to trained them for real jobs where the boss(if the boss is unreasonable) will constantly slave drive or overworked the employees? Not to mention sometimes they are unlucky enough to be paid in peanuts to work.
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• Philippines
16 Apr 13
i work in customer service where all day the job is to listen to customer complaints and assist them if they need help. it's all very tiring and sometimes exhausting. I thought of quitting really. But then, the only thing i hold on to why i still work even after office hours is the over time pay. for me, it is okay to over work as long as you get the reward for all your sweat.