In which country do you like to live?

Beijing, China
April 16, 2013 9:32pm CST
Hi dear mylotters!Although i love my homeland very much ,i still can't deny that her health condition is getting worse.Several months ago our city experienced a thick fog because of too many vehicles and some substandard chemical factories.I have to worry about my health if i decide to live in this country for the rest of my life.If i have the chance ,i'd like to live in Switzerland.And you,which country do you like to live?or your homeland is already a good choice?
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• Lithuania
17 Apr 13
I don't think I'd like to live in one country. If anything I'd like to be a kind of war photographer/mercenary, so I could travel all over the world. I don't really have a preference for a country, since I believe that all of the countries face similar problems, the only difference being cost of living. Well, if anything I'd like to live on a ship, so I could travel around, not sticking to one country, since in the end every country can get very boring after some time passes. Therefore, I'd prefer to live in international waters, rather than one particular country.
17 Apr 13
I like it very much I now lives in cities,from Monday to Friday,I can be on time to and from work.I can go shopping with my friends over the weekend,or a person I go where I want to go,for example:going on a trip,going to the library,shoping,going climming and so on.
@gljcleeve (147)
17 Apr 13
Welcome to mylot, I hope you like it. Reading your post, I know that I'd hate living where you are, wherever that may be, because I'm a country boy through and through and hate too much traffic. I'm quite happy living where I do, but if I had the money to move and wanted to do it, I'd move to Austria on the slopes of the Alps. A truly gorgeous part of the world that's fondly remember from a holiday many years ago.
@Deepak2J (1179)
• Bhubaneswar, India
17 Apr 13
my homeland is my best choice
@marguicha (101857)
• Chile
17 Apr 13
I checked your profile to see what was your country and you did not wrote that. So all I can say is: welcome to mylot and happy posting!