What do you do on your spare time?

@3acres (748)
November 22, 2006 8:27pm CST
When you dont have anything to do, what do you do? for me internet and myLot!
10 responses
@franxexces (1096)
• Philippines
30 Apr 07
During my spare time I use the internet.. I love the internet so much!!!
@shooie (4986)
• United States
21 Dec 06
I like to work in my greenhouse and or hang out with my husband. Sometimes I like to just curl up with a good book and read or do some writing. Then I have some chat programs I like to visit friends in and then come into mylot and take a look around.
@Undefeated (4792)
• Singapore
5 Dec 06
i will post on mylot ...
@jay80son (2048)
• Italy
5 Dec 06
I'm here on Internet or playvideogame
@asimo603 (1366)
• Malaysia
5 Dec 06
During my spare time, I usually surf the net,like surfing Mylot ( going through my responses to other members' discussion), read e-magazine from a local website,checking my listing status for items I list at ebay and another local website similar to ebay.
• United States
23 Nov 06
Treasure Reading - treasure reading
Oddly enough my 'spare' time is what I do for a living... I read books. I guess I could answer that I also surf the net and such.
@delina123 (2455)
• Canada
23 Nov 06
When I have spare time it would be on Mylot
@manzician (4734)
• India
23 Nov 06
I read books..
@Lovely_Lady (1524)
• United States
23 Nov 06
During my spare time, I usually in MySpace or MyLot. Not much going on these days due to the weather and can't go anywhere.
@Anulesh (1581)
• India
23 Nov 06