what happens?

@murkie (1105)
April 17, 2013 7:13am CST
hello mylotters. this is something that i used to take for granted. but since the temperature's really getting warmer, i noticed something that may have to be taken seriously. at each bottle of chemicals, just like my isopropyl alcohol, there's a precaution stating that it should be stored in a place not exceeding 30celcius. but as i mentioned, the weather's getting warmer. and with it is the interior of our house. we can't really do anything about it. we leave the house for work in the morning and come back in the evening. in between, the house gets exposed which in turn heats the interior. i could only guess how hot it was inside when we come home. so i got curious. what happens to the isopropyl alcohol if it was stored in a temperature higher than 30c? does it become harmful or whatever? the interior of the house may or may not reach 30c, but i got curious is all.
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17 Apr 13
Maybe the can will explode and cause a fire to the house. I would sure hope not I have cans like that here at home.