Control of playing campaign jingles

April 17, 2013 8:42pm CST
Now that the campaign period is on here in our country, playing campaign jinlges by either owned or rented vehicles installed with huge amplifiers is very common. However, I just wonder if COMELEC has a provision on where and when to play those jingles. Like this morning at around 6AM, I saw a jeepney playing the jingle loudly around. At this time, there are some that are still on their sleep that may be disturbed. What can you say about this fellow pinoy mylotters?
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@yahnee (1250)
• Philippines
19 Apr 13
If Comelec will issue a provision limiting these campaign vehicles from disturbing the peace and quiet in the community, the Supreme Court will most likely issue another TRO in favor of the candidates. We just have to bear the noise of those campaign jingles played to the highest volume which is not only irritating but down right frustrating. Do you think they care if there are individuals trying to sleep after working the night shift?
• Philippines
22 Apr 13
You got a point here since there are many candidates that will really complain or file TRO on this issue. I think it is the responsibility of the candidates to give respect to those who are having their rest, just like what you said, those who are in the night shift who take their rest in day time.
• Philippines
18 Apr 13
I'm not sure but I think the agency has no specific regulation for volume control. it will eb up to the local police or baranggay to pursue the matter since the politicians that we're using it are almost local candidates. I haven't heard any national candidates playing a jingle but there's more on commercials. To think, the Supreme Court dismissed the airtime limit.
• Philippines
20 Apr 13
This is a good point, the local officials should be the one to control those vehicles playing jingles. another is that the candidates should be also responsible in this matter. They should be the one to control it. In this case, the voters will definitel salute them if they see that they are responsible for the said issue.