Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 postponed

United States
April 18, 2013 9:00am CST
There has been talk about MW4 being postponed until the release of the new XBOX 360 and PS3, which the new console names might be the XBOX 720 and the PS4. MW4 was due to release later this year, but people have been saying that the company that is creating the game is thinking that waiting for the new consoles will be more profitable and a lot more people will purchase the new consoles just to see the continuation of the call of duty modern warfare series. I for one think they shouldn't switch the consoles because a lot of people will most likely never get the consoles due to they may not have enough money.
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• United States
18 Apr 13
I do not know what the next call of duty will be but ive heard that they are thinking of modern warfare 4. I do not know much about ps3 but i do know much about xbox. It will be that hard to switch it to xbox 720. All they would really really have to do is some disk modifications. Because both xbox 720 and 360 run on c++ (im ausming they will becuase that would be impractical to write a whole new codding system. As for playstation i suspect the same thing they will stay with the same codding thing. An example of this is switching operating systems. People did not have to re code their software when windows 8 came out because it is still in c++.