vitamins, minerals, aging

Nairobi, Kenya
April 18, 2013 12:47pm CST
I understand that there is one nutrient that is critically important for promoting our entire cardiovascular system, helping to keep our bones strong and healthy, enhancing our memory, and to fight premature aging...Vitamin K!!! I wonder if someone can enlighten us more on the same!
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@mammots (3271)
• Philippines
18 Apr 13
hello HONEYPALS! what i know is that vitamin K is needed to help the liver function and to help our blood to clot. foods rich in vitamin K are green leafy vegetables,yogurt,egg yolk,fish-liver oils,kelp,alfalfa,and black strap molasses. when we don't have enough vitamin K in our bodies we develop blood disorders. this is all i know about vitamin K HONEYPALS ...i hope it has enlightened you a bit!
• Nairobi, Kenya
19 Apr 13
Hi Mammots. Thanks for the enlightment.
@mammots (3271)
• Philippines
21 Apr 13
you're welcome HONEYPALS! i love to share knowledge cause at the same time 'm learning something new!
@marguicha (100514)
• Chile
18 Apr 13
I think that eating a well balanced meal can help you get all the nutrients you body needs. As for vitamin K, eat lots of green veggies, cabbage abd broccoli. Fish is a good source too. Take care!