How to read someone's mind?

April 18, 2013 1:50pm CST
If we can read someone's mind then no husband will not have to fight with his wife because they can read their wife's mind let us assume that a housewife want to to buy a saree and she wants that her husband to understand her feelings and buy her a saree, she thinks that her husband should be able to understand her feelings and buy her a saree without been asked by her.All problems in this world with this mind reading.
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24 Apr 13
I donot like to guess others heart,because it too tired,I like simple life.But I can give somme suggesstions,such as,watching him little affectations and facial expressions.Both are people subconsciously performance,is not susceptible to control by yourself.In addition,pay attention to his usual habit of life,and be fond of and so on.
• India
21 Apr 13
It has a darker side too... Mind reading can get you in danger, if you are thinking something bad about the person...
• Philippines
20 Apr 13
I think being able to read someone's mind will cause problems more than solutions, and that means we don't have privacy anymore. But I think we might be able to guess what's on people's minds based on how they talk and act. That can be helpful for social interactions. The more you know a person, the better you can tell what's on his mind.
@blackrusty (3530)
• Mexico
18 Apr 13
well good and bad could happen if we can read the minds of others for myself i would not want to be able to do this you should be able to sit down with your partner and talk things out like adults with out fights