Do we take the opportunity or not?

April 18, 2013 3:58pm CST
Hey there Mylotters, I am posting this discussion as I would like to get your opinions on a possible life altering event. I have one year left of my Undergrad Degree at Trent University here in Ontario, but have taken some time off because I don't have the money to pay for the tuition and quite frankly I wanted a break from school. English Literature can be a lot to handle with a full course load of 5 classes. Now I was forced into taking a full course load because my Uncle was paying for the tuition at the time, and when I asked him if I could take a lesser coarse load because I was becoming way over stressed, the answer I got was no as he wanted to pay for 4 consecutive years in a row. So, rather than being unhappy, I stopped. I have the opportunity to go back, not this September, but September 2014. I have 6 credits left to get, and I'd like to finish my undergrad BUT... My boyfriend has the opportunity to work for a really good company... NavCanada (they control all of the airways in Canada), and it pays really good. His sister is a Flight Service Specialist for them in Timmins Ontario and she makes upwards of $35 an hour. His dream is to work for NavCanada, and he wants to provide a better life for me, so he is going to apply for it. Thing is, if he gets it, we do not have say over where he gets positioned... so we could easily leave Ontario. If this happens, then I won't be able to finish my degree (unless I were to take the very complicated action of finishing at a different University). I want him to apply and I want him to get it because honestly, I am enjoying working for the companies I work for and would love to actually be able to afford proper food on our table, a house maybe and possibly a family in the future. With this said, people often say well, "you're giving up your dream for his," and in a sense I am, but if it means that I get a better life later on... I am willing to take that opportunity. My goal in life is to have a happy family, and if I have a degree under my belt then great, if not... it's not going to completely hinder me. I know education is important for those who are seeking high end jobs, or jobs in their fields... but I am taking English Literature... my dream is to write a published novel and blog for a living... I can do these without a degree. Plus I have an accepted application lined up at a really good Transcription Company that I really want to work for, which would pay me upwards of $40 an audio hour. Plus, if he were to get the job we would then be able to actually afford a house... and maybe start looking into fostering (we want to do this instead of having children)... I just want to start my life! So, I am leaning towards taking an adventure and seeing where it takes us, and telling him to apply. He isn't going to apply until the end of this September 2013 as we are flying down to my Mom's wedding at the end of September (she is moving to Texas at the end of this month and starting a new life down there with her Fiancée and my two siblings), and he would know within a month if we were going to be moving or not... and I can't miss my Mom's wedding... I'm in it! What do you guys/gals think we should do?
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@marguicha (102428)
• Chile
18 Apr 13
If you are so near finishing your studies, I would finish them. If you really love each other you`ll find ways of keeping in touch and you will hurry up and finish. Even if your BF is the man of your life, life has many complications and you may later regret that you did not finish your studies. I married a good provider and my goal then was to have a happy family and a good marriage. Wedid, but my husband fell sick very early in his life and our economy went to pieces. It would have been better if I had had a better CV. I could have earned twice as much and we colud have had more stability.
• Canada
18 Apr 13
I have thought about this perspective as well. But honestly, I tried the long distance with my ex and it didn't end up going well because he ended up cheating. I am not up for the long distance again, I want to settle down and start my life with him.. I am tired of being all over the place with relationships. I won't regret not finishing them because I can always finish them, that window never closes. As for the falling sick, I am sorry to hear that! Did you ever go back and update your studies, or go back to graduate with better studies? The thing about my line of work is it will never "pay enough" so I am already in that boat and we've learnt to deal with it. I am not sure what country you live in, but I live in Canada and if we fall sick here our health care is free. The only thing we have to pay for is like medication and whatnot, and even then.. some of the medications are also free... our system works a lot differently then what you would find... say in the United States. So, I am not 100% concerned about this, but I do know it is a possibility... the cool thing about him getting this job is it comes with benefits like health insurance... so we wouldn't be going without, just maybe less if he got sick. Furthermore, both him and I have talked about life insurance policies.. we're going to get them for one another for the long term. So we have plans in place. It just means that with a higher income that he would be earning at this job we could pay off our student loans, and be able to save money for a house, for travelling,and for emergencies... whereas with where we are now... we cannot do this really, it's hard.
@dagami (1162)
• Rome, Italy
18 Apr 13
if you're really decided that your BF is the "man of your life", then go for it. as you said, you have alternate plans for your career and a degree is not that important. however, you can also try inquiring if there are universities online that offer the same courses. you may not need a degree for the job that you aspire but having one will always be a feather in your cap.
• Canada
18 Apr 13
He is the man of my life, and I would very much like to be able to start our lives together... meaning being able to think about houses, our wedding and possible children. I can inquire at on-line universities and have actually already looked into taking some courses on-line :). I am not ruling out the degree, I am just saying I would like to take the opportunity before it passes us by is all. If it doesn't work out I can always finish the degree :). Thank you for responding!
@ayeeesha (1129)
• Philippines
19 Apr 13
I am always a believer of good education and if you really want a better future, finish your studies. It's hard to get back when you're older especially when you have kids. Plus, there's only 6 units left. And as to the jobs you are referring to, there's still no assurance of getting hired. You even said that boyfriend will apply on September, which is months from now. I think you're actually gambling your future here. So to be safe, finish your studies so that whatever happens, you'll always have a backup plan. But if you do get the transcription job and you think you're going to stay long in that company, then maybe that will suffice :)