my little chatterbox boy!!

April 18, 2013 8:53pm CST
Last time I had quality time with my three kids. We went swimming, had our snacks in between and a lot of sharing. they asked me to tell them stories from fantasy, fiction and reality. I shared with them how my parents were like when we were kids because they were never able to meet their grandparents on my side. I even talked about boy-girl relationship with my two girls. My little boy seemed to be very busy and paying little attention to some stories may be he's not interested with. When their father came home, my little girl talked about some of the things that we talked about. The worst share was from my little boy who shared a story with a twist! We thought all the while that he was not listening but then spit out things in different directions! He told his father that my boyfriends in the past still love me up to this very moment because Mom is still sexy and beautiful!! OMG! You just could not imagine how their father reacted and asked a lot of questions about the whole story. HAHAHAHA! I think he's kinda pissed off, you know, my guy is a quite jealous type. Later that evening, my husband seemed so quiet and left the house in the morning without kissing me goodbye. That little chatterbox of mine....hmmmmm!
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@bunnybon7 (38375)
• Holiday, Florida
19 Apr 13
wait till they get to be teenagers and become jealous of one of you. they will tell anything on the one they want in the hot seat. and it will be on purpose.
• Sri Lanka
19 Apr 13
hi how are you .. nice discussion on your wall.. little guys are always like this they really attention & they try to fallow what they see we must keep well behaviors & give good advice for when they open world
@emily7339 (1339)
• Malaysia
19 Apr 13
Kids are sometimes like that. When you think they are not paying attention, actually they are. However, they will not be able to relate the whole truth but surely will make it more interesting . Perhaps he has some other thing that bothers him and he hurried to work. And I hope your hubby will be an understanding and a matured man, not taking it seriously after all he heard from a small kid .