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April 19, 2013 12:24am CST
some of you know i am a lecturer in a college. the incident is a big story. on last year june ,our office clerk collected 280 dollar from each scheduled tribal student. he recored it as only 93 dollar. now some of the students smelt some rotten smell about this. so they had given complaints to the management. now the enquiring commete from the management is telling that the clerk couldnt ate this much money alone.someone is surely behind him. they have a doubt on our principal. because without his knowledege clerk cant stole this much amount(5600 dollar). yesterday the principal came to know that the problem is coming to his head. so what he did is,he told to everyone that i (me) made this rumour to get his chair. but actually i have only3.5 year experience. for geting principal post i should have 5 year experience. he too know that. then also he says my name. what should i do...really i am innocent . i dont know anything.
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• United States
21 Apr 13
You need to ask the principal if you can have a private talk with him regarding a rumor. Set up a meeting with only yourself and him. Tell him that you would like to continue with a professional working environment between him, yourself and staff. Let him know of your innocence and about what you heard through the grapevine and that you do not like the gossiping about yourself since they are not true. In a respectful manner tell him that it was wrong for him to accuse you without first finding out from you if there was any truth in the matter.
• India
23 Apr 13
yes.i made a discussion with him. but he is talking very roughly. he is not ready to listen the matter