There's Always A Lesson Learned in Every Show We Watched.

April 19, 2013 7:50am CST
Aloha myLotters! I'm done watching another Korean Drama this month. I watched two Korean Drama the first one was Baby Faced Beauty and the latest one was, Cheongdamdong Alice. In Baby Faced Beauty, The Female protagonist lost her job. She was forced to pretend that she's a 25 year old lady but then she's already 34 year old. What I've learned is that, Age is just a number. We can pursue our dreams as long as we our enthusiastic about it. In Cheongdamdong Alice, The female protagonist motto is that " Effort is her strength". She tried her best in working so hard and then one day she met an old friend who is now rich. Her friend told her the secrets on how she became rich What I've learned is that, No matter how hard you work if you don't have any connections in a job that you're applying at, then you do have a lesser chance to be hired. How about you myLotters, What have you learned in every show that you had watched? I'm interested to learn? Share your thoughts!
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@dpmathur (55)
• India
19 Apr 13
disagree with your this point, in our INDIA there no such program which can teach us some lesson. every serial/programs are full of emotional drama. only we see emotional drama and women cries 24x7 on television.
• Philippines
19 Apr 13
Those drama that I watched has a romance-comedy genre. But there's a part in the drama that made me realized the lesson.
@cherigucchi (4893)
• Philippines
21 Apr 13
I totally agree with you. There are so many shows that try to teach us something. We just need to look for it and try to look at the brighter side of everything.
@Fishmomma (11443)
• United States
20 Apr 13
I really think this depends on the kind of show, as there are some shows that give us a message to change our behaviors like America's Most Wanted. I think many people are more careful after watching the show or I sure hope they are careful. The same for Southland a show about the streets of Los Angeles. The weather doesn't really send me a message, as living in sunny Southern California where the temperature doesn't change often most of the year its hard to get any kind of message. Occasionally, the weather informs us to drink lots of water and stay indoors, but I think its common sense when its really hot.