Avril's new single - Heres to Never Growing up

April 19, 2013 8:34pm CST
So what does everyone think of Avril's new single, 'Here's to never growing up'. I personally quite like it, I think its closer to her first and second album which I'm happy about. However it still would not make my top ten Avril Lavigne songs, while the new single is pretty good I hope there's a few songs on the new album that remind me of her first and second album but that's just my opinion. What does everyone else think of it?
4 responses
• China
26 Apr 13
Though I have not heard her songs ,i have an heavy impresstion on her picture,so i want to hear stand by you .
23 Apr 13
I'm a chinese. i live in china. recently i heard this song of her. I like this song's style.But in china, so many fans of her said that this song is not very good compared with her earlier songs .do u think so?
@loongnp (28)
• Malaysia
22 Apr 13
thumbs up , marvellous songs.....
@jiiiiin (569)
• Philippines
21 Apr 13
I didn't hear it yet but I am sure it is a great song like her other songs. I really like her way of singing.