Are you still remember your first love

April 19, 2013 9:59pm CST
i haven`t seen my first love for 5 years. Now i have my boy friend ,and i love my boy friend very much. But recently i dream of my first love for many times .He appeared in my dreams ,i don`t know why?
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• United States
20 Apr 13
you never really truely forget your first love. they are the beginning point in your love life story persay. your first love is who many people base their whole life on. i am married now and have 2 great kids but i could still tell you all about my first love. his name, what he was wearing, what we did, how we hung out, ect ect. we were kids so of course we just played stupid games and hung around at the pool small things like that but those are the things you remember the most. it isnt unusual at all to remember them or dream of them. you might miss some of the things that you did or the way they made you feel. there is no love like your first love. i hear people say that all time. i wouldnt worry to much over but enjoy your boyfriend and love him just the way you always have.
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• India
20 Apr 13
Thanks for sharing and welcome to mylot It is natural you saw him in dreams, no i did not had any premarital love affair .Am married since 1966.
• Indonesia
20 Apr 13
maybe there is something happened to your first love, i think. or maybe you haven't forget him. well it's understandable cause he is your first love. and the first one is really difficult to forget..
@quieley (316)
• Philippines
20 Apr 13
I think it's natural to dream about the people of your past. I have a husband now and there are still times I dream of my ex. Sometimes I felt they were real. As if the feelings were still there. But at the end of the day I convinced myself it was just a dream.