A Happy Marriage that turned into Something else......

April 20, 2013 12:51am CST
when i get started here in mylot my status was married. after a year of posting some of my personal experiences here, i stopped posting. after four years i came back and a lot of things changed with my personal life.i started here married, now that i came back I'm now separated with my husband and that was almost 4 years ago. if you could somehow check on my previous discussions, everything were happy stories about my ex-husband and I. the happy marriage turned into a sad ending. we found out that we have a lot of differences. we started to fight with each other for a lot of reasons. and then finally we end up hurting each others feelings, and because it was too painful that both of us could no longer stand. we've decided to call it quits. we got separated last December 2009. we've tried to fix thing out between us, sometime in April of 2011, but nothing happened. after we talked we end up quarreling and hated ourselves more. i guess I've already done my part to try reaching out to him to get the marriage fixed but i think the love that holds a marriage is no longer there.The marriage can no longer withstand the test of time.... but i'm happy now with my life, i've already moved on, leaving the past behind and now facing the present and hoping for the best in the future.... Does anyone of you experienced pain with your past relationship and have moved on? what are your ways to get moved on easily? please feel free to post your experiences.
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@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
20 Apr 13
When people get married, the marriage always seems t be happy. Every couple dreams their marriage life to be paradise. But when years pass, the reality strikes. After all, marriage is a walk of life and so, can never be free of problems. On this forum, one can get a wealth of knowledge regarding marital life. There are so many people here who write their personal experiences concerning marriage and we can learn from their mistakes. Similarly, we can also take the good advices given certain wise people. I cannot write about my experience because I am not married and I will never marry That is the lesson I havelearnt from married people.
• Philippines
23 Apr 13
we are all entitled to our own opinion. we also have our own personal choice and decision. sometimes when we experience pain from our past relationship, we tend to escape from reality and that's the reason why some avoid things that might repeat the painful experiences she/he had from the past. being single is okay. . . .thanks for posting....:)
@dagami (1162)
• Rome, Italy
20 Apr 13
i have been happily married with my husband for ten years. the experience that i'm going to relate here is not about him but of my ex bf. we were together for five years and when we broke up it was really very hard for me. although he was not my first, it was the first time i really fell deep. for the first week i continued to live my normal routine. during the nights i would cry myself out. after this i decided it was too much for me so i took a vacation. i went home to my parents where there were no memories of him. i stayed there for a month. when i went back, i noticed that the pain in being in the same places where i used to be with him has lessened. sometimes it helps when we physically move ourselves away from the place where there are constant reminders of the person we love.
• Philippines
20 Apr 13
You're right. physical distance from the person who hurt you and the places you've been to really matters when we talked about moving on. It takes a lot of time and effort but eventually you will surpass the pain and just smile when you remember the past. Good thing that you have moved on with your bf easily. Look at you now, you are happily married and it's been 10 years and still counting.... thanks for posting...:)