rest and rest

@kixsh101 (746)
April 20, 2013 9:24am CST
I've visited my cousin who is a doctor and she said, I needed rest. My colds are partially gone and I'm getting better. I did spent the whole day sleeping. I even missed out commenting and responding to discussins here in Mylot, but its okay, besides I need to prioritize my health. Hope when I woke up tomorrow, everything is perfect! Colds gone and sore throat too. Happy mylotting!
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@Fishmomma (11504)
• United States
21 Apr 13
Get well fast and hope your well when you read these posts. I know its hard to stay in bed a long period of time, as many of us have so much to do each day. People on Mylot will miss your posts; however, its more important to get some rest. I would also suggest some soup, as every time my mother gave me homemade Chicken Soup I recovered quickly. The steam from the soup would make me feel stronger and ready to get out of bed feeling much better. The soup would make my stomach feel full and help with the achy feeling. Best wishes.
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@EvrWonder (3577)
• Canada
21 Apr 13
When ever you feel a cold coming on or feeling a bit run down, the best remedy is rest. Go to be earlier, take a 20 minute cat nap if you have to but really the best remedy is rest before you get sick. Sometimes we can be totally well rested and still come down with a cold due to simply running into air born germs. Once you have contracted a cold, again rest is the very best medicine. Your cousin is right. Taking vitamin C has helped me in the past in addition to rest but also fresh chopped garlic in a bowl with hot chicken noodle soup poured over and consumed helps to cure a cold but also rest better. Hope that you are feeling better soon.
@emily7339 (1339)
• Malaysia
20 Apr 13
Getting enough rest is utmost importance . I am glad you learn to give priority and take good care of your health. And I wish you speedy recovery and be in health . Good night and it is also time for me to go to bed !
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