S.E.X is better than love!

United States
April 20, 2013 11:08am CST
Love is hard to find, it hides from people who deserve it most , and chases after people who have enough of it. Im not talking those "Happily ever after " couples , i am speaking for the everyday modern male or female, who finds it easier to have s.e.x, than experience love. Why would you put something so precious in another person's hands; only to know that one day they are going to either hurt you leave you, or it might just end . sooner or later it will. and when it does , what are you going to do how are you going to feel . Devestated, stupid, sad, hopeless , and lifeless. S.e.x looks at those words and laughs. most people would say why would you ever chose s.e.x over love? well there's my reason, whats yours? whats it going to be, S.e.x or love?
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25 Apr 13
S.e.x when it is with the one you love, is what I'd prefer. You can always have s.e.x at your dispense but Love is something that comes to you only if it's in your fate. And even then you have to work towards keeping it close to your heart. This is what makes Love better than S.E.X at any moment. Trust me when I say so as I've been in both kinds of relations and I know exactly what my soul craves for. But then again it's my perspective, no offense meant. Peace out ! :)