Help, how do edit a discussion topic i already posted?

April 20, 2013 2:18pm CST
I posted a discussion topic with a few errors and now i can't seem to find a way to edit it, Help.
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@Bluedoll (17050)
• Canada
20 Apr 13
I just wanted to add here that you can preview before you post but posting is final unless you have it deleted entirely. The reason should is obvious. Could you imagine how discussions would be edited and changed to a point where they did not resemble what was originally posted? This would be hard to follow. Also some people might do things they were not suppose to with edits like give referral links that are not allowed in discussion.
21 Apr 13
Now i understand why, Thank you.
@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
21 Apr 13
there is no way you can delete or edit a discussion. you dirty laundry is up for all to see in the mylot world for all eternity.
@AkamaruKei (5218)
• Malaysia
21 Apr 13
Friends we cannot edit once we post it. I also make a lot of mistake in my discussion. If someone want to laugh they can laugh it. Better we check it carefully before we post it.
@topffer (36402)
• Djibouti, Djibouti
20 Apr 13
Hello Royson and welcome to myLot, It is not possible, as Lamb already said. I checked your profile and see that this discussion has no responder. If you think that the errors are important, you can hit the abuse button -- ! -- and ask an admin to remove it, explaining that you are the starter. You will be able to start it again later. If it is only "few errors" the best to do... is to accept them like a lesson and to let the discussion a chance to get responses : you are not alone, it happened to all of us .