Hunter X hunter -- Ant arch animation

@HeartROB (434)
April 21, 2013 8:41am CST
And its finally out! Wohooo! As my previous discussion I have said that the ant arch will be on animation already, and here it was! Finally, after a very very very long wait, finally its made in animation. For those who did not know and who thought that the anime hunter x hunter ended when gon and killua ended the game greed island, sorry to say, it does not end there. The animation continues with the Ant arch. Spoiler alert: For those who did not know, after the game greed island gon uses the acompany card to finally see Ging (his father), but then a twist is made. He did not meet his father there, it was Kite the student of his father (to know more details about it why it happened like that, watch the anime). And so the story goes there for the ant arch. Another spoiler alert: For those who were able to watch the hunter x hunter (HXH) before the re animation of HXH 2011. Kite was already present in the first episode and it was Kite that made Gon decide to become a hunter because it was there Gon discovered the real life of his father. But then in HXH 2011 version, Kite was not present in the firsr episode, Gon already knew the life of his father through Mito (his aunt) that made Gon decide to become a hunter. And then Kite in HXH 2011 version just appeared in the 76 episode of the HXH 2011 version which the start of ant arch. And here the story is different (just watch the animation to know why the story is quite different from the previous version of HXH). PS: the animation of HXH 2011 is really good. I am so thrilled to finally see the animation of ant arch for how many years. Been following HXH for a very long time. Back then when I was still a child. Enjoy my friends!!
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