How I can help my cousin to improve his English in short time for the coming exa

@lizncu (22)
April 21, 2013 10:05am CST
Hey guys,I relly need your help. I have a cousin who is going to have the Chinese College Entrance Examination in June. He has 6 subjects includes Chinese, Maths, English, History, Geography and Politics. He usually gets good marks in other five subjects except English. His English level so low that he can only get 6o points(full for 150).This really trouble him and his parents a lot cuz is only 40days to that exam. How I can help him to improve his english and get a higher socre in short time? Pls help me.
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@Jyiou7 (84)
• Malaysia
21 Apr 13
Hey lizncu! :) Well, since this is a college entrance exam, the level of English of a person must have a certain degree of mastery. Try taking a look at an English learning website- It is a website that teaches you in areas such as vocabulary, grammar and there's a section for test preparation! Another sure-fire way to skyrocket his English skills would be to force him to speak only English with you and if he makes any mistake, correct him and make him repeat the sentence again. Good luck to you and your cousin! :)
@lizncu (22)
22 Apr 13
I'm very greatful for your suggestion and wishes :)) Maybe he just focused on reading skills but ignored speaking and listening skills in the past. I will suggest him to talk with his school mates in English from now on.:)))