What material is used to prepare different types of ice-reams?...

By sri
@gamyam (572)
Hyderabad, India
April 22, 2013 4:29am CST
Our entire family likes to eat ice-creams even in rainy seasons also... Some times i myself likes few varieties.... But i take only in summer seasons..... Just now i want to know about it's making.. Which substance is mainly used to prepare them?.... If anybody concerned with,... let me have a glance please....
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@youless (92324)
• Guangzhou, China
23 Apr 13
I have an ice-cream machine at home and I like to make ice-creams in summer. According to my experience, the main materials include cream and sugar. If you want to have a different taste, you can add like chocolate, mango juice and so on. Actually you can make any flavors of ice-creams, but the main materials are cream and sugar.
• Philippines
23 Apr 13
You can check the internet you can see there many options and full details in making ice creams, or you have an option to buy a book specifically for making ice creams only. I always do this when i want to do things, like cooking and many other, i always check the internet or buy a book.
@srisahara (4147)
• Indonesia
22 Apr 13
Ice creams are made from flour and milk. You can make them in some flavor such as chocolate, strawberry, melon etc. If you want to make them it is a good idea if you buy a package of ice cream ingredient in supermarket and follow the direction to make. I think you will save more money if you make them in home.
@Pegasus72 (1901)
22 Apr 13
if you have a automatic maker you just need the cream sugar and what ever you are going to add to your ice cream for flavor. if you have an older machine you will need ice, salt for the outside, and then the ingredients for the inside of the machine.
@namiya (1599)
• Philippines
22 Apr 13
I love ice-cream in any type of weather but most specially now that it is too hot here in our country. Its main ingredients are milk, sweetener, cream and desired flavoring. You will find a lot of instructional procedures for making this online.
@nitinnair89 (2895)
• India
22 Apr 13
everyone loves ice creams. When we were kids, we used to make our own candy by putting juice in ice trays and keeping it in refridgerator. Ahh...miss those goold old days.. Check out this - http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Ice-Cream It has a detailed step on how we can too make our ice creams.