New Funky Look......

April 23, 2013 5:39am CST
I think my lot should update their outlook, make it more funky and breif... It looks a little pale with grey and white background. What do you guys think???
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• Canada
23 Apr 13
I think they should just do what most forums do and allow a preferences section where a user can create their own colour schemes for the website as everyone holds different ideas of what is good and what isn't. I don't mind the white/grey background but it is a little bit bright. If any users of hold vampiric qualities, then it may be preventing them from achieving optimal use of the website as they may be getting slight burnage to their undead, pale skin.
• India
23 Apr 13
Lol, I would love the vampire look wallpaper. That will be so cool.
@srisahara (4147)
• Indonesia
23 Apr 13
Yes, you are right. This site will be nice if have some bright color in some sides. But, I never think about this before. Yes, your idea is good to be consider. I hope it is useful. Have a nice day.
@Zer0Stats (1316)
• India
23 Apr 13
I think pretty same what you think.True the current look of the site is kind of boring.I hope they update it very soon..