I hate the world today.

@Hugsy25 (274)
April 23, 2013 3:40pm CST
I had my cat Storm into the vet a couple of weeks ago because she has lumps on her belly and they were not sure what they were and they thought they might go away after she was fixed. So for the recheck they hadn't gotten and smaller and in fact looked worse so they took pictures to post on some vet website to get opinions from different vets around the world. Well today I was phone with results from that and they said one vet from Paris responded and he thinks its cancer. At this point in the conversation with the vet I want to scream into the phone how much I hate them, but I continue to sound nice and polite. They continue to tell me that they would have to remove the whole side of mammary glands and that is a $500+ operation. Then they would have to send that away for testing to see if it is in fact cancer. I mentioned that since draining all of the fluid out at the last visit the lumps don't seem to be coming back. So we are going to take that as a good sign along with the fact that she is not in pain. She will let me touch her belly and she seems to be happy, she has even gained weight since being fixed. So as for right now the plan is to just keep a close eye on it. I think I will actually start photographing it weekly so we can have an accurate view of it. But again I hate the world right now. This cat is my soul. She came running into my house during a snowstorm and was almost starved to death. I nursed her back to health and she has been my shadow now for 7 or 8 years. She's been through enough she doesn't need cancer too. Not that anyone needs cancer ;( I wish cancer would just get cancer and die.
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@Deepak2J (1179)
• Bhubaneswar, India
24 Apr 13
Wow... you are such a good girl. Most of the people would never have done this type of job. You are a very good careful woman. Have a great future ahead